Why Choose Ceramic Coating for Your Car?

It's every car owner's dream to have a shiny and spotless car, one that you can show off and rave about. You've tried all of the basics like daily washing and regular waxing to keep your vehicle looking fresh and clean but it takes so much time. What if you didn’t have to worry about keeping stacks of car care products on hand and complicated wash regimens? What if all you had to worry about is keeping the car properly washed? Enter Xpel Fusion ceramic coating.

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Top Quality Ceramic Coatings

At ProLine Detailing, we provide you with top-quality ceramic coatings for your car that will help lock in your vehicle’s shine and keep things looking good with minimal maintenance. These coatings are semi-permanent, which means no coming back for reapplications, no frustration, and no worries. In other words, you enjoy maximum peace of mind and a great looking vehicle. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Many car owners are raving about ceramic coating, so jump in and see for yourself what the hype is all about. Reach out to Proline Detailing today,!


Protection From UV Rays

UV rays can damage your car's paint more than you can imagine. If a vehicle is unprotected and exposed to the sun often, its paint will begin to oxidize, resulting in dulled and faded paint. Ceramic coating protects your car from sun damage and prevents the paint from oxidizing and fading, keeping it shiny and sparkly. Want to learn more? ProLine Detailing can help! Serving the Prattville and Montgomery areas.


Easy Cleaning

Since ceramic coating is hydrophobic, it’s going to make cleaning your vehicle a lot easier. The coating acts like a smooth shield over your vehicle’s surfaces and makes it more difficult for dirt, bugs, and grime to have a place to stick to. This means that when it's time to wash your car, you’ll spend less time scrubbing stubborn areas and more time enjoying a fresh clean car.


Better Aesthetics

Ceramic coatings give beauty and depth to your car's paint. The coating process will give your car a shiny appearance, bringing out the best of the original paint. Simply put, there’s a reason people choose ceramic coating for their vehicles — and at ProLine Detailing, we take the time to do the work right so your car looks its best for years to come.

Learn More About Us!

At ProLine Detailing, we've been installing ceramic coatings on vehicles since before it was easily available in the US. Over the years, we've applied ceramic coatings to over 1000 vehicles in Prattville, and Montgomery AL, and other nearby communities. Our entire crew has the training, certification, and experience necessary to make sure your coating turns out flawlessly.

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Xpel Fusion Pricing

New Car

  • Only available for vehicles less than 6 months old.
  • Starting Price Range: $800 - $950

    Primer Polish & Coating Application

  • Service includes paint decontamination, primer polish, and coating. Minor correction might occur, but this will not remove swirls.
  • Prices vary based on size & condition

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One Step & Coat

  • One step paint correction & coating application.
  • Starting Price Range: $1250 - $1400

    1 Step Polish & Coating Application

  • Prices vary based on size & condition

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2 Step & Coat

  • One step paint correction & coating application.
  • Starting Price Range: $1600 - $1950

    2 Step Polish & Coating Application

  • Prices vary based on size & condition

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