What Are the Benefits of Ceramic Coatings?

Add superior protection to your vehicle with a ceramic coating from ProLine Detailing

Ceramic coatings are a detailing service that protects the exterior of your vehicle. Think of it as a heavy duty wax coating – times a million. Alright, maybe not that much, but you get our point. Not enough car owners know about ceramic coatings, so we thought we’d shed some light to the benefits.

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An auto technician wearing a black glove polishing a shiny black car with a red cloth.

Preserves Paint Coating

Ceramic coatings are made from liquid polymers that are applied as a heavy-duty clear coat to the exterior of your vehicle. The extra strength and durability of ceramic coatings create an outer shell for your car that can only be removed or worn from abrasion. This means that your car is protected from harsh weather like rain or hail, and other outdoor elements like dust, mud and bugs. Ceramic coatings can restore shine to your paint job while also protecting it for longer periods of time. To enhance your paint coating even more, check out our quality paint correction detailing service to really make your car look brand new.

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Protects Your Car’s Resale Value

Since the ceramic coating protects your car’s paint and exterior from damage and normal wear-and-tear, the resale value remains intact. Your car will see minimum damage and continue looking good as new for years to come. At ProLine Detailing, we use CeramicPro coatings that come with warranties in case something goes wrong. CeramicPro also connects to your Carfax report, directly helping to increase your resale value whenever you’re ready to sell.

An image of an auto technician polishing a black car with a buffer machine.

Cost Effective

Although some ceramic coating services may seem expensive upfront, you could end up saving yourself hundreds of dollars in the long run. Consider the value protection alone – ceramic coatings protect your exterior from damages like scratches and wear from weather conditions. Ultimately, this will reflect in your resale value as your car will be in mint condition despite its age. Ceramic coatings last much longer than normal wax coatings, meaning you have to do it less often, which also saves you money.

An image of someone washing a black car.

Car Stays Cleaner for Longer

You won’t need to wash your vehicle as often because of the durability of ceramic coatings. Depending on the level of use and general care of your vehicle, most ceramic coatings will last roughly three or four years. That’s three good years of extra shine, gloss, and protection for your car’s paint job. Ceramic coatings protect against common corrosions, too, which means that your car won’t get as dirty as normal from everyday dust, bugs and grime.

ProLine Detailing has applied hundreds of ceramic coatings to vehicles over the years. When you come to us for detailing services, you can drive away knowing your car is protected with the highest quality of professional products and a service you can depend on. Visit us in Prattville for all of your interior and exterior detailing needs.

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